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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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shooter who police say was in another car took off and is still on the plops police do not believe the shooting was connected to road wraij and the chp says with shots fired in such a heavily-traveled area, this could have ended a lot worse. >> the driver inside the victim vehicle did collide into another vehicle. fortunately, it was a minor collision. >> reporter: police say the 2 men who are shot are expected to survive. i did speak to a sergeant on the scene. he tells me they're looking into the possibility that this shooting was gang-related.
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reporting at the hall of justice in san francisco, scott waits, kron 4 news. >> viewer sends us this picture. he was on the on ramp. he says this is the bullet casing. he found it near the cars that were around mill very scary. new at 11, at least 6 vatters at the lafayette art, wine with and music festival were taken to the hospital today. our meteorologist brian van aiken says temperatures reached 90 degrees in the lafayette area. wildfires in the valley fire has been voting now for a week. it's 50 polk county contained tonight. 585 homes have been destroyed, as well as hundred of other structures.
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3 people have been killed. wasp week after the town of middleton was evacuated, people came back home. now the community is returning. you have a to have a pink pass goat back through the check point. after a week of wandering, evacuees were anxious -- after a week of wondering, i advantage yeas were anxious to see what was left behind. >> can you see anything that can be imagined. >> cal fire sifted through that ash. the valley fire is at 50
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president containment. they're battling the blaze. the cause still under investigation. as the evacuees do move back into their home, jeff kearns was still there. >> reporter: as firefighters going get full contain the on the valley tbiesh lake county officials sought to prepare them for what lies ahead. >> just this hour, a week ago, is when our lives would change forever. we're getting back hope. >> reporter: etch even as the risk of fires stillingers, those faced the fires still face dangers. >> there are unscreup whrowbs frankly disgusting people out
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there. there will be other unscrupulous beam out there. >> the potential hazards on the properties, the hazards on the grown as well as the dangers of chemicals contained within glarn there's asbestos, there's boards with nails sticking pup there are things there that are valuable and precious to those resident, to those homeowners, to the members of this community and cal fire and those firefighters who responded here to assist us are in no way sifting through that rubble or removing that rubble. this is not the type of thing where it happens and in a week things are back to nor ma'am we're talking months and possibly years' worth of recovery efforts. smoke is drifting in the bay area as the sprally fire
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donts burn. a spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. smog will also be a factor for us. to a. people are being told avoid outdoor activities. the smoke and smog can cause throat irritation, congestion, and trigger arizona map. it was a hot day here in the way bai area. brain van aiken has been tracking forecast. how high will it get tomorrow? >> tomorrow, i think a lot of places will be up to and over 100 degrees. it will be a scorcher throughout. lots of 90s by the bay. it's warm for this evening. we have 60s and 70s even right now. clear skies, foggy conditions. low 70s for san jose. as we go into tomorrow, we've seen sunshine. the crescent moon was hanging
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over the hills. we'll see sunrise tomorrow. no fog to start out the day. temperatures in the morning in the 50s, going up to 80s and 90s by noon. another wildfire is burning in unincorp. rate granite bay. that fire broke out at about 8:30. no word yet on evacuations. pope francis makes his bay due in cuba. and the search continues for a woman who reportedly wept over niagara falls. best-selling author jackie collins dies at the age 0677. more on the legacy she leaves behind.
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west best-selling author jackie coil lessons his died at the age of 7 #. she died of breast cancer today in los angeles. collins has written dozens of novels, incolluding hollywood lives that dramatized the lives of the rich and stretch props she was a trailblazer for women in fiction and a creative force who entertained millions of leaders for over 4 decades. still ahead, a construction worker killed along the east bay. and donald trump is in hot water again. the message he posted on social media over a controversial comment he made. >> it's it's the last weekend of -- it's the last weekend of summer. i'll have the sunday forecast coming up.
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a tragic accident in the east bay. a traffic worker was struck and killed by an intoxicated driver. phil leap jeugal has more on the arrest made. >> reporter: thrown 150 feet in the air before landing on thes a faults, ryan de la cruz had no chance, not with an intoxicated driver wobbling down the freeway.
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>> the driver is under arrest for dui. >> reporter: neither lake shore avenue intersection, he was part of the work crew work on the freeway. officer travis yamaguc00 says workers were digging up section of the road to repave and smooth it out. >> i could not say if the vehicle was speeding, but at some point, he veered to the right and struck the right wall. >> another reason for drivers to slow for the cone zone and steer clear of the roads if intoxicated. a pickup truck and generator also damaged in the crash. as for the person behind the wheel, no serious injuries, though the chp has yet to release the driver's name. meanwhile, the chp says the construction project is on hold. a major family event at the
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oakland coliseum today, a back to school shoe giveaaway -- giveaway. the project originally started in the church's parking lot. today, in partnership with aeg, oracle arena, and other sponsors, the church gave away 2200 pairs of shoes. the church offers a fun zone and social services rousers. >> children should be able to step into school with a brad new pair of shoes on their feet. it allows them to know that somebody cares enough about them. >> and maybe you recognize that face. pam ward was among the scores of volunteers helping out today. in addition to the shoe, there were activity in the arena for
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the whole family, including behind the scene tours of the warriors' whole facilities. it looks like fun. we had some nice weather out there tonight. this is the embarcadero and bay bridge. stps still around 70 degrees. the storm track is well to the north. there's this huge area of warm and clear weather over the west coast. any storminess is up in british columbia. to our south, there's a different situation mr.. it's a developing tropical system there. after that, it it is moving north twardz california. clouds and rain working their way into southern california. there could be some heavy rain and flooding here. this starts to make its way towards the way bay area. notice all of the clouds, all of the heusmty, all of the wet weather stays to the south and east. we are going -- we are going to miss out on this. but we will get some cooler
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temperatures on monday and tuesday we're talking about some hot weather, close to 90 for san francisco tomorrow afternoon. and there's the triple digit wheebt east bay valley, also southwest of san jose like los gatos and into morgan hill. another hot day for monday. the sea browses will work its way in for monday afternoon. and then it gets even cooler than that, sharply cooler for tuesday and wednesday. the sea breeze really starts to kick in and move into the inland valleys. we'll have some more fog by wednesday. a weak storm system gom coms by to our north on thursday. vicki? the pope has landed in cuba for the first papal trip since 2012. jeremy ross has more on how the
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pope plans to encourage the faith of cuban catholic. >> reporter: his holiness was greeted by raoul castro before addressing the crowd. >> translator: i thank you very much, mr. president, for your greeting and your kind words of welcome in the name of the government and the entire cuban people. >> reporter: in addition to meeting with cuban officials and bishops, the pope is giving 3 passes over the next few days before heading to the united states next week. his trips are seen as a celebration of a new era of diplomacy between the 2 nations. >> translator: i urge political leaders to persevere on this path and to divide up all of its potential as a proof of high service which they are now
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called to area out on behalf of the peapts well-being of the people of all of america. >> reporter: the pope's visit to the u.s. comes amid an intense presidential race. while not a politician himself, pope francis has expressed sharply political opinions on everything from campaign finance reform to climate change. the catholic officials say the pope will try to stay above the part -- the partisan fray. new york police have launched a search and rescue effort after a woman reportedly went over niagara falls. this is a picture from the scene. park police say it appears woman intentionally entered the water to harm herself. state park police say she went over at prospect point. sp more people have been
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arrested in connection with the mexico drug lord's escape. joaquin el chapo guzman escaped maximum security prison in mexico. this is video showing el chapo climbing through a hole in a shower connecting to a funnel high-ranking officials in the mexico prison system have been arrested. el chapo is wanted in mexico and the u.s. for his role in a drug cartel. donald trump used his twitter account to respond to his latest controversy, how he handled a vote every's antimuslim question. trump said if he had challenged the voter, the media would have accused him of interfering with the man's right to free speech. >> reporter: donald trump responds to his most recent controversy on twitter, write writing this is the first time in my life that i've caused controversy by not saying something. he's referring, of course, to
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this question at an event in new hampshire on thursday. >> we have a big problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one, you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question, this first question. >> that's my question, when can we get rid of him? >> we'll be looking at a lot of different thing. a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we'll be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> reporter: trump took to twit owner saturday, where he wrote, am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? don't think so. ted cruz has suggested this is just a controversy sir up by the media. >> what i think the american people are interested in is not the food fight that reporters are trying to stir pup let's talk about how we stop radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates have responded in much stronger term. >> his latest outrage, the way he handled the question about
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president obama is shocking, but not surprising. he's been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> led by that racist antiimmigrant carnival barker donald trump. >> reporter: trump says the voter's question put himself in a november win situation. he defended himself saying if somebody made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my defense? no chance. coming up, the first recording contract signed by the beatles sels for a hefty price at a new york auction. how much it sold for, coming up next. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today.
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a new york auction house says it's sol the first recording crack ever signed bit beast beatles for over $90,000. it was for a rock and roll version of my bob any lie over the ocean. that's a hit song. it was recorded in hamburg and only released in germany, but did lead to discovery by donald
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epstein. it was also signed before ringo starr joined the band and pete best was on the drums. >> i googled that sponge it's a traditional scottish song. >> yeah, scott person. >> how did you foe? >> my bonnie lies over the ocean. let's move on to the weather. it will be hot tomorrow. dress accordingly. sunscreen. >> it's a spare the air day. it will be warm in the inland valleys, over 100 degrees, 90s bit bay, and the upper 70s with no fog. the sea breeze rolls in and we get some relief from the heat. >> that's it for kron4 news at
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11 -- for kron 4 news at 11. see you tomorrow morning, everybody. goodnight.
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the beverly hills drag racer. he's a sheikh worth $800 million. cops say he's on the run. then, the mystery mega hunk everyone is buzzing about what. we've learned about hot debate guy. and the escape artist who nearly drowned a second time breaks his silence. then, the tv star who claimed he escaped 9/11. >> where were you when 9/11 happened? >> 54 floor of the second tower. >> it was all a big lie. and she's been branded a menace to children. and you won't believe why. >> this is the beach where it all went down. >> what happened on the beach that changed her


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